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33 Forest Capital First-Ever REDD Project in Amazon To Receive Registration Under the Verified Carbon Standard

In June 2012, Orange Equity portfolio company 33 Forest Capital obtained registration under the Verified Carbon Standard for the first-ever REDD project in the Amazon Rainforest. Read our press release here

Bogart LLC Settles Trademark Infringement Suit

In May 2011, Orange Equity portfolio company Bogart LLC settled its federal trademark infringement lawsuit against a group of leading furniture retailers. The group had been selling an unauthorized line of “Bogart” furniture. Read press coverage of the story here

Orange Equity Invests in 33 Forest Capital, BV

In March 2011, Orange Equity made an investment in 33 Forest Capital, BV. 33 Forest Capital represents a collaboration between Orange Equity and Dutch boutique investment firm 33 Investments. 33 Forest Capital is assisting Cikel Group, a large Brazilian concern focused on sustainable logging and forestry management, with validating and marketing its REDD credits in relation to its operations in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Orange Equity Expands Its Stake In Bogart, LLC

In February 2011, Orange Equity exercised its option right and enlarged its stake in Bogart, LLC. Orange Equity and the Bogart family now each own approximately a one-half interest in Bogart, LLC.

Flagship Group, LLC closes on a Series B Investment

In January 2011, Flagship Group, LLC closed on a Series B investment with a well-respected New York-based private equity firm. The investment further strengthens the company’s balance sheet and puts it in an excellent position to continue its growth. Flagship Group, LLC now employs 50 people, manages five residential care facilities, has been awarded two additional developments, and has annual revenues in excess of $2 million.

ExamWorks begins trading on the NYSE

On October 28, 2010, ExamWorks began trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol EXAM after a successful Goldman Sachs-led IPO. This IPO represents the first liquidity event for an Orange Equity portfolio company. We are very proud to announce that, after deduction of all costs and fees, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of our investment was 371%. We are very pleased with this result, especially in this challenging environment. You can read about the IPO here

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