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New Launched!

On March 29, 2010, we launched the new, updated Official Humphrey Bogart Site. You can check out the site, which includes rare Bogart home movies, at

ClickZ Does A Story on UrbanDaddy

On March 18, 2010, ClickZ, a popular site amongst media buyers, ran a front-page story on UrbanDaddy. Read the article.

Humphrey Bogart on The Cover of Forbes

Forbes Magazine dedicated its March 15, 2010, cover story to advances in digital film-making. The story discussed the growing possibility of the digital return of classic actors, and the vibrant market for licensing and merchandising deals involving such actors. The cover image chosen by Forbes to illustrate its story featured Humphrey Bogart and an alien from Avatar. Bogie’s inclusion on the Forbes cover next to an image of the biggest-grossing franchise ever affirms his continued relevance and iconic status. Read the article.

UrbanDaddy Launches DC Edition

In February 2010, UrbanDaddy launched its DC edition with a big party on the top floor of the W hotel. Many well-known DC faces were in attendance, including President Obama’s main speechwriter Jon Favreau. Read articles about the event at the links below.

Humphrey Bogart Honored at Retroback Festival

The city of Granada, Spain, hosts an annual Classic Film Festival called Retroback. This ten-day festival is the most-respected classic film festival in Europe, if not the world. In 2009, Retroback honored Audrey Hepburn and Federico Fellini. In 2010, Retroback honored Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. During the festival, which ran from February 5 to 14 and was attended by press from around Europe, the city of Granada was covered in collectible Humphrey Bogart posters. Mr. Bogart’s movies were shown to large audiences, classic scenes were re-enacted, and the Granada Philharmonic performed a selection of Mr. Morricone’s soundtracks during impressive closing ceremonies. Please click here to view a video of festival highlights.

UrbanDaddy’s Jetset in Luxist

On January 26, 2010, UrbanDaddy’s Jetset edition received a very nice write-up in Luxist. You can read the article here.

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